November 6, 2014: Artissima, Torino | A collective eye

Four beautiful girls, looking for personal and professional inspiration and motivation. They went to Artissima and found what  they wanted. Here are their narratives. No boundaries… apart for this damn € 8.000! Let’s do a small collectors club, next time (photo: Marcello Maloberti, A Torino piove da Dio, 2014, Artissima).


Bojan Sarcevic (1974, lives and work in Paris and Berlin) @ pinksummer, Genova


Jose Davila (1974, lives in Guadalajara) @ Figge Von Rosen, Cologne


Sandile Zulu (1962, Johannesburg) @ Smac Gallery, Stellenbosch


Mario Airo’ (1961, lives in Genova) @ Tucci Russo, Torrepelice


Maria Laet (1982, lives in Rio de Janeiro) @ A gentil carioca, Rio de Janeiro


Gianni Caravaggio (1968, lives in Milano) @ Tucci Russo, Torrepelice

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